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Rules of the road:


  • If you want to have one or more items shown, please send me the list in order of preference, (i.e. from “always wanted that!” to “might quite like to have it”)

  • Within reason, you can list as many as you like - BUT if you want it, you have to take it / store it yourself

  • I will then allocate in a way that tries to keep everyone happy


Dear Alex, Francesca, William, Mark, Robert, Edward, Nick,


Sometime between early Dec and the end of January the buyer will take possession of the Torri villa. We have until the end of November to empty the villa of any items we want to keep. Last week Nonna chose the most important things she wants to take down to her flat, and Lilian and I have also chosen some that we will squeeze into Seymour Rd. In 

In the dropbox I will WhatsApp separately you will see there are still some 100 items from which to pillage for your memento! 


The caption for each photo contains a short description of the item and, where appropriate, the measurements (W=width, H=height, D=depth).


Before you start, please take a look at the ‘rules of the road’ in the box on the right. 


When you have made your choices, you can let me know by email ( or WhatsApp me. 



Dad / Uncle John

  • I am organising a small lorry to bring everything to London so we can bring your items here but we will then immediately want to bring it to you. Access to the villa is not possible for large lorries, so for cost reasons the space available will be limited -- hence, I may not be able to satisfy everyone, depending on what you choose. 

  • Please note that Nonna has been known to change her mind (!) so its possible that an item listed here subsequently becomes unavailable.